About us – Introduction

The VHS (Volkshochschule) Unterland is the biggest popular university in the Heilbronn area, including 33 regional offices (see http://www.vhs-unterland.de/Aussenstellen). We offer a variety of educational courses, at moderate prices. The programme booklet is published twice a year (January and September) including approximately 2.300 courses and events. You can also see it online (www.vhs-unterland.de).


    The Volkshochschule (popular university) is a non-profit organisation that is

    • easily accessible for all citizens,
    • without bias in ideological and religious issues,
    • politically independent.

    The Volkshochschule is a centre for learning, discussion, health and culture.

    It is the local centre for further education and as such contributes to the planning of a future worth living.

    • It helps people to meet the demands of the working world. It offers qualified and qualifying knowledge for general orientation. In this way it supports people to cope more easily with radical social change.
    • It facilitates the dialogue between generations, sexes, classes, cultures and thereby fosters the integration of the different groups of society.
    • It works towards social balance by establishing an affordable access to further education for all citizens and thus contributes to democratisation.
    • It helps to develop and improve the infrastructure of municipalities and districts and by doing so strengthens the position of Baden-Württemberg.

      Target Groups

      1. In Baden-Württemberg, there are 173 Volkshochschulen with approximately 720 sub-branches. Together, they reach almost 2 million people per year with their immense amount of 2.5 million lessons in over 110.000 courses.
      2. The VHS offers courses for all interested citizens. One of its principle goals is to bring together people with different interests, people of different age-groups and walks of life and give them the chance to learn together.
      3. Moreover the VHS aims at various target groups. There are special courses for children, adolescents and seniors, women, fathers, disabled people, unemployed people, and foreign citizens.

        Range of Topics

        The wide range of topics offered by Volkshochschulen can be divided into five main fields:

        • Politics – Society – Environment with courses for discussion, single events and study trips on topical issues covering contemporary history and politics, economy and law, philosophy and natural science, ecology and consumer issues, family and education and last but not least geography.
        • Culture – Creativity with seminars on art and literature, theatre and media as well as numerous creative workshops on dancing and music, painting, drawing, printing, sculpturing, fashion and sewing.
        • Health with a wide variety of relaxation and gymnastics courses and with courses on healthy nutrition, addiction, psychosomatics, diseases and curing methods, health care and health policy.
        • Languages with basic and advanced courses in over 40 languages, e. g. Arabic and Chinese, German as a foreign language, English, French, Italian and Spanish and even Turkish and Hungarian.
        • Work – Occupation with special courses on information and communication techniques, multimedia, office and business work, technical issues and other tailored courses.

          Welcome to the VHS Unterland

          Being open and welcoming towards all people is essential to the identity of the VHS. Our courses are open to everybody who wants to develop their knowledge – regardless of age, sex, nationality, education, social status, business background, ideology or political orientation. The VHS Unterland is not only a place for learning but also a place for meeting. The VHS Unterland assists community building and the integration of all people into society. 

          We also offer migrants the possibility to teach as well as to learn, whereby their skills and experiences can be contributed to our society. 

          To make our culture more welcoming we also run courses about intercultural communication.

            Reductions and grants

            For refugees and asylum seekers

            We offer government-financed German language programmes especially created for refugees and asylum seekers.
            Furthermore, refugees and asylum seekers who want to participate in other than the above-mentioned courses are granted a reduction of 50%.

            Non employed people

            Children, pupils, students and certain other groups qualify for a discount of about 20%.
            Unemployed people may also qualify for a discount on application.

              Learning languages at the Volkshochschule Unterland: Foreign language courses

              Speaking foreign languages is considered an essential part of modern day living. It helps in achieving career goals as well as living independently. We offer foreign language courses to make cross-cultural communication and understanding easier. Our offer includes courses in the following languages:


              o   Arabic

              o   Chinese

              o   English

              o   Finnish

              o   French

              o   German

              o   Greek

              o   Hungarian

              o   Italian

              o   Portuguese

              o   Swedish

              o   Spanish

              o   Thai


              For more details as well as an assessment please log on to Sprachen

              The language course system follows the guidelines of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

              If you would like to test your German language level please go to the following extern link www.sprachtest.de (Spotlight Verlag GmbH) or www.cornelsen.de (Cornelsen Schulverlage GmbH).

                German as a foreign language

                Speaking a language is the key to integration. Promoting integration is a core value of the Volkshochschule. The VHS Unterland offers various German courses from level A1 to B2, as well as government-financed German language courses for refugees and asylum seekers.
                The B1 language exam, a precondition for citizenship, can be taken at the VHS Unterland. Information evenings about this are offered every 3-4 months.

                  More information/Contact

                  Concerning the government-financed German language courses for refugees and asylum seekers, you will receive information in your shared accommodation.

                  For further information, please don't hesitate to contact us via e-mail: languages@vhs-unterland.de.

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